Atlantic Drone Pros, LLC

Contact Name: Keith Mottas

Company Phone: (804) 415-7030 Ext: 301

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Who are we:

Atlantic Drone Pros is developing a Cloud SaaS system for UAS/UAV flight and fleet management. This includes intelligent flight planning, automated flight risk mitigation, and UTM utilizing AI and ML. We are also developing a GCS for a single pilot to control 10+ UASs.
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What do we build:

The UAS/UAV flight management system will be cutting edge technology with the planned capabilities. UTM is just one component of the system. We are teaming with the University of North Dakota and other companies in an STTR to integrate predictive weather services into the intelligent flight planning and operations. There are UTM systems, but none integrate intelligent flight planning, predictive weather, air traffic, airspace and risk mitigation at this level. This infrastructure can not only be used in UAM applications, but for Public Safety agencies and by Part 135 drone package delivery companies.

What are we looking for:

Our goal is to develop additional collaboration partners to participate with us in the development of our flight management system, and to pursue either convertible notes or seed capital to speed up our development efforts while STTR and SBIR funds begin to flow.


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