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Contact Name: James Dorris

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Who are we:

Craft Aerospace is an early stage aircraft developer, we recently began testing our unique VTOL architecture on a sub-scale demonstration unit. Our team has more than 45 years experience at serious transportation mobility startups - automotive EVs, Hyperloops, Power Systems. We each led teams developing core tech that resulted in the first fully functional Hyperloop Demonstration. We have strong track records of delivering complex safety-critical tech at human transportation scale.

What do we build:

Our aircraft (2500 lbs payload, 1000 mile range, 300 kts) can support missions/use cases beyond the capabilities of most commercial eVTOLs currently being developed. Think of us as the more agile, safer, lower cost to procure & operate little brother of a V-22 ... without any of the drawbacks.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for exception research institutions to collaborate in 2 potential areas: - High Efficiency Turbine Development We have a high-speed direct connected generator (600 kW, 52 kRPM), and are looking to partner in development of an ultra high efficiency gas turbine. - Aircraft L/D Optimization Our Aircraft has unique features. We have our internal tools and mission modeling codes, and are looking to partner with expert aerodynamicists to validate the cruise efficiency of our aircraft.


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