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Contact Name: Haris Masic

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Who are we:

Cyberinfrastructure Technologies serves to bridge the gaps between computing systems, artificial intelligence, advanced instruments, data repositories, and people so as to create a comprehensive internet ecosystem essential to 21st century advances in science and engineering. Our current research is geared towards securing the AI supply chain and improving interconnectivity across the Internet of Things (IoT).
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What do we build:

Cyberinfrastructure Technologies develops software for use in systems analysis and signal processing with a focus on software capable of analyzing and debugging AI/ML systems under blackbox conditions in conjunction with software capable of analyzing nonlinear signals and improving signal reception across the IoT. The former is unique in that the systems analysis techniques employed are rooted in catastrophe theory and can function under blackbox conditions. This is a significant departure from most other AI/ML analysis and debugging solutions which only work given certain assumptions (e.g. access to training datasets, side-channel information, etc.). The latter is unique in that the signal analysis method underpinning the technology was developed and tested by NASA. We have licensed and repurposed NASA's HHT Data Processing System for use in our research on distributed signal analytics.
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What are we looking for:

We are looking to meet individuals, institutions, and other companies who share our interest in leveraging the aforementioned technologies in supporting ORBs. Our current goals consist of achieving our STTR research ambitions and finding partners willing and able to collaborate with us in accelerating valuable technologies to the market.


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