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Who are we:

Machina Labs, founded in 2019, is an advanced manufacturing company based in California. Enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence, combined with faster process simulations, and standardized kinematic solutions like 6-axis robots, Machina Labs is developing software-defined factories of the future. The company is currently working to build the first robotic machine for sheet metal prototyping. The company is founded by Edward Mehr (CEO) and Babak Raeisinia (CTO). Ed is an entrepreneur and engineer with background in smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence. Previously at Relativity Space, he led a team to build the world’s largest metal 3D printer. Before Relativity Space, he was the CTO and founding member of Cloudwear (currently Averon). Averon develops fully automated internet authentication solutions that do not require any human intervention. Early in his career, he worked as an engineer in companies such as SpaceX, Google, and Microsoft. Babak is a materials scientist with extensive experience, in both industry and academia, in the area of advanced metals and alloys technologies for automotive, aerospace, transportation, and energy applications. He has worked on a variety of manufacturing processes, ranging from the more recent additive processes to established, legacy processes (such as rolling). He has authored more than 20 journal articles, 1 patent, and 2 patent applications.

What do we build:

Sheet metals are used extensively in a multitude of applications, across many industries (from biomedical and consumer electronics to aerospace and automotive). Sheet metal forming is the manufacturing process through which sheet metal parts are made. The sheet metal forming market is projected to grow to $289.2b by 2023 at an annual growth rate of 3.9%. Prototyping is an essential step in the design process, allowing the development of better-quality products and streamlining production. It also increases industrial competitiveness in both mature and emerging markets by reducing the time and capital requirement for developing new components. The absence of a robust prototyping system for sheet metal forming means that it is difficult for manufacturers to iterate over material and design. This is particularly important with respect to “Lightweighting” where various industries (e.g. automotive and aerospace) want to move towards lighter and higher strength alloys, but testing of these alloys and new concepts is made harder. Furthermore, existing sheet metal forming technologies require expensive tooling and many steps, making new product development costly and time-consuming. Enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence, combined with faster process simulations, and standardized kinematic solutions like 6-axis robots, Machina Labs is developing a smart robotic system that can manufacture many designs and materials without costly changes in hardware. Our system can take the design of a sheet metal part and return a fully formed component without any manual intervention. In the context of ORBs, our die-less sheet metal forming system can be used to cost-effectively iterate and change the design of composite layup molds in a short time frame. This reduces costs for developing tools and increases agility with developing new parts. Our flexible working envelope allows for the fabrication of different size molds from large aerospace components to smaller automotive parts.
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What are we looking for:

We are looking to partner with ORB builders to enable them with fast and cost-effective process to manufacture composite and sheet metal parts.


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